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A regular maintenance regimen is important to enhance the performance of your vehicle, prevent breakdowns and protect the value of your investment. It will also control levels of pollution and reduce the amount of fuel that you use. Just like a dealership, we are government approved and authorized to meet your vehicle 's maintenance obligations.

Battery & Electrical

When selecting a new battery, choose one that meets or exceeds your vehicles recommended Cold Cranking Amps (CCA), make sure battery is properly held down in the battery tray. a properly secured battery prevents damaging vibration.

Timing Belt

Timing Belt synnchronizes the motion of valves and pistons,Timing Belt should be replaced at manufactures recomended mileage  to avoid costly repair. A broken timing belt can cause internal engine damage which could be very costly . It is recomended to change related parts when replacing Timing Belt for example you should replace : Water Pump , Idler , Tensioner , Pulleys.

Belt Care

Accessory or serpentine belts transfer the power of your engine to a wide array of components. They turun the alternator that charges your battery, drive water pump that circulates your coolant  and spin the fan that cools your radiator. In general belts should be replaced every four to five years even there is no visible signs of damage, Belt  Tensioners should be replaced at same time. Never use belt dressing to eliminaste noise always replace worn belts and parts.

Hose Care

The hoses that deliver coolant from your engine to your radiator will degrade from the inside out over time through a process known as electrochemical degradation. Mileage does not play a factor in the process, It is recommended to replace hoses and clamps at same time a coolant flush and fill has been performed. inspect hoses every 3 months or 5000 km, replace hoses and clamps every 5 years.

Cooling System

your vehicle's cooling system is a  vital system that  maintains  best engine performance and durability of your car , it cools internal engine parts so they perform better and it transfers heat from engine to a heater core which provides you with cabin heat in winter months, older fluids may not be able to regulate temperatures and could cause costly engine failure, always follow manufactures replacment  and recomandations on when and what kind of coolant is recomended for your vehicle .

Filter Care

Air filter traps dirt and debris that could cause internal engine damage ,if an air filter becomes dirty it will effect your fuel economy and vehicle performance , air filters should be checked reguraly and replaced as needed

Oil and Oil Filter

Oil is responsible for protecting internal engine components by cooling vital engine components and lubricating various internal engine parts, oil filters should be replaced with every oil change, follow vehicle maintenance schedule on when to replace, type and grade of oil is recommended for your vehicle.


The Braking System is the most critical system on your vehicle. Its maintenance and proper functioning are vital to you, your family and other motorists. You should not attempt to effectuate maintenance or repair work on brakes. Servicing or repairing the braking system requires specific tools and adequate technical training. 


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